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My Life - The Not So Early Years


Old Mill UVM I ended up at the University of Vermont in Burlington where I was--you guessed it--an English and history major. My degree was from UVM's College of Education, so if you ever find yourself in one of those alternate lives we're always hearing about in science fiction stories I could end up being your Language Arts teacher.
While I was in college I still had that problem with not finishing the stories I started. Then I developed another problem. The few things I did finish, editors didn't want to publish. Editors are well known for not wanting to publish much.

Instead of getting a job teaching after college, I spent four years working in an office at The University of Connecticut. I wrote letters, quarterly and final reports, and advertising copy for workshops. I also spent many hours typing, filing, and talking on the phone. I was so very mature (and married) at that point, that I was finally able to start finishing my own writing projects. I finished dozens of them, all very serious because I was a serious writer. The response from editors all over the country? "No, you're not."

Rejection Letter

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