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I grew up in Vermont, spending most of my childhood and teenage years in Sudbury. There were two hundred plus people living in the town at that time. To give you a little something to compare that to, consider my younger son's seventh grade class which had two hundred and fifty kids in it. My whole town wasn't quite that big. Needless to say, there were no long lines in Sudbury. There were, however, two schools.
The first school I attended in Sudbury was Hill School. While in fifth grade there, I wrote my first short story. All I can remember about it is that it was somehow connected to my favorite TV show, Wagon Train. Hmm. Wagon Train. What was I thinking? One-Room School House
Hill School

One-Room School House
Burr Pond School
After fifth grade I moved across town to Burr Pond School. At Burr Pond I became a serious writer. Two of my plays were performed at Christmas time, and some of my work was published in The Burr Pond News. Almost all my work was funny--funny 'ha-ha' and not funny 'strange.' At least, that was what I thought at the time. There's one poem I recall that was just funny 'strange.' I didn't write much poetry after that.
For eighth grade I moved on to Otter Valley Union High School in Brandon. Okay! Indoor plumbing and running water! English and history were my best subjects throughout my teenage years. They just happen to be subjects that require a lot of reading and writing. Though I thought of myself as a writer, I didn't finish much unless it was assigned by a teacher or I needed it for the school newspaper. I was assistant editor and then editor of the Otter Valley Hi-Spots. Editorial Staff
Hi-Spots staff.
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